Need some help in MWC special reunion.

for english talking people

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Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by samhk222 » Mon Dec 24, 2007 11:48 am

Hi folks,

I run the biggest brazilian fan site (big deal) of mwc

the purpose of the site is translate to brazilian portuguese al the
episodes .... and for this christmas we're translating the special reunion,
but we can´t find the english subtitles for guide our translation ....

and we must hear as they speak and translate ..... and as we only have poor quality image/sound of MWC reunion it becaming very dificult .....

Can´t anyone help us writing their "lines" when they´re in the living room ?
Because when they cut to the part of the episodes its easy .....
It´s simples, just write, in english, don´t worry about sync or grammar, or
other things .... we just want to get the main ideia.

thank you very much, and all the brazilian fans will apreciate :D

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Post by samhk222 » Thu Dec 27, 2007 5:02 pm

almost 60 views and 0 replys ? :(

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Post by ARMAN » Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:34 pm

people are lazy thats why :D my english is probably worse than your(yours is good :D) so I am no help for you :oops:

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Post by rdo3 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 7:27 am

trust me both your english is better than my typing, but i'll give it a shot. i dont know how to transcribe either so if you dont like it tell me to stop before i waste too much time. i know it's substandard but it's the most i can do with my skills (or total lack there of) i'm going to work in segments. i cant type and it takes me a long time. i droped the actors names and used the characters because it is easier for me to remember. i also gave up on the clips and only typed the interview.

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Post by rdo3 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 7:31 am

the first ten minuets or so.

clips from the series

Christina appelgate : in 1987 there was a new network on the air, fox. and a new kind of sitcom family, the bundies. nobody had seen anything like them. they were rude, they were crude, and they definantly weren't the cosbys, but they were funny. and lot of people seemed to think they were more like a real life family. you know the kind helf together by misery, failure, and laziness. tonight we are going to look back at the bundies finest moments. we're all here so stick around.


mcginley: not the cosbys

ks: they wanted to write an anti sitcom

marcy: anti cosby

peg: anti cosby

marcy: family ties was big then

peg: because all the families were nice and perfect

jefferson:wasn't the working title "not the cosbys"

al:right not the cosbys

peg: but i always thought it was still sort of a satire except that the way it was responded to was like "oh yeah my families just like that" or "oh yeah i grew up that way" so i was actually shocked that so many people had that many problems


bud: it was like exadurated disfunction. they weren't educated people, they didn't ummm come from money and umm they were more along the lines of white trash.


steve: i grew up with shows like father knows best and it made you feel bad because life wasn't really like that. you thought life was suposed to be like that

marcy: everybodys really mean and bitter and dark and lets just hear a little more of that.


peg: married with children was the fist show to say all the things we think but dont want to say. it really did, you know it was disgusting. and crude in a great way because you know we're all humanbeings. we all have these kind of odd thoughts

al: it's the common thread you know where society hasn't been good to them. you know they dont feel they owe society anything. it's the criminalist this, jessy james, you know these rules are not for us, they are only for someone society likes

kelly: we would be antagonists with each other but the second someone came in and tried to to huirt anyone of us this gaggel of apes would come together and kick butt. alot of the episodes the entire bundy family is beating the crap out of somebody else to protect their own.

al: there was an episode where we were in the movies and your boyfried was up in the back with another girl and kelly saw it and said "daddy beat him up", and i ran up the isle, i mean you never see this in any other show, and the poor kid was trying to get out and i was beating him and was happy to do it

jefferson : i remember that

al:and came back down and she said thanks daddy and that was

kelly: and that was it

al:and you wouldn't wee that anywhere else

peg: actually when i first got the pilot script and i thought oh these people are so mean to eachother

marcy: when we first read the pilot it was so refreshing because nothing like this had ever been seen before because there wasn't a network because there wasn't a network to put it on

steve:i do remember the audience when we shot the pilot which was

marcy: was it good

steve: oh yeah it was extradinory

al: i thought they would yank us off the air so fast that you know our years well spent but it's a job

kelly: so i read it and was like no

al:everyone said this is a terrible project. it's not funny, it ah is insulting, it's grose it's justaweful but the want to see you and it's this new network that's no network and i said oh this is right up my alley and i went in and met them and they looked like two gas station attendants

bud: ron levitt and michael moye were geniouse and they were funny guys and we were pumping out funny shows and they gave us a chance

peg:they loved the oportunity to be on a network that didn't exist. and you know the whole thing about the fox network at that time was that we were going to be the rebel network

marcy: their campaing was can you find a fox station because you were on chanel 30 something

steve: the answer was usually no

marcy: we kind of had a sense of it's going to be ok

al: yes

marcy: because they did just leave us alone because nobody was watching fox

peg: then they started picking us up for two years in a row

steve: i used to commute back and forth to homr between new york on the weekends and about half way thru the second season when the first ups guy drove by and said "hey steve"

al: yeah yeah

peg: i think it caught everybody by suprise that it was a hit

peg: peg bundy was the girl in highschool that rode on the back of a motorcycle and just sort of smoked cigarettes at too young an age and sort of liked the bad boys and um they said that al and peg were in highschool together but i would like to clarify right now that peg bundy was much younger than al bundy

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Post by rdo3 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:32 am

part 2

peg: as a person i have sort of a cynical edge, but but not like peg i mean peg could really zing them. he (al) was more the get rich quick on this scheam, you know the everyman thats always trying to cut a break, and win that lottery ticket, and she was more the voice of reason. the way that we decided to dress her, you know she was written as like a couch potato and i thought oh no i dont see that, thats not what i wanted to bring to bring to it so even at the audition i wore tight cloths and dolled her up a little bit

jefferson: how did peggy get her walk

peg:it's the shoes. when you wear those frederics of hollywoods mules you just sort of walk that way. i think that peg, she just thought that she was hot. her idea of um housework was of her laying on the couch and asking if someone would do it. i think that her mothering style was more like the kind, the kind of i'm your friend kind of mother. i think that she um ah they always knew that she was there for them. i think that she deflected as much responsability as she possably could

kelly: i dont think you would ever see an episode where you know where peg would sit them down and give them real advice that you could actually take with you. she would give her own brand of advice and that just seemed to work for these particular kids and and that was sucessful for them

peg: yeah what i get all the time is like "why didn't he want to do it with peg.

al: of corse, but thats the beauty of it

peg:the whole joke of it was that who ever you are married to

bud: it dosn't matter who you are married to

peg: it dosn't matter

al: i think that was the first ime i ever was on a telivision show that sort of thing represented. that sort of problem between husband and wife, the bordom that can set in about the sex lives you know where it can becomes a job, something you avoid. the other thing that i thought was pretty cool was her sort of acceptance of als little problem with the sex thing. she never seemed to let it get to the point where where she said get out

peg: i think it was hot underneith when something finnally happens it was it was it was great. thats what i decided as an actor because you know why would she be begging and pleading for it all the time.

peg: you were the the rock baby. she had the best work ethic, i couldn't even believe that you were, both of you were the ages you were and could actually show up, know what to do,

marcy: and at the hardest age to do it at. it's hard enought to do it as an adult much less as a kid going thru puberty on national telivision

kelly: we had eachother which was

peg: great

kelly: balance which we could, it was like a pully system, when one would fall off the other would

be like uh lets bring it back a little bit, and we had you guys

peg: it did become family like

bud: i remember the first season and katie had a party and she was like my tv mom and she invited me to her house for that party. and of corse i brought my mom because i was like 12 years old and i thought it was going to be like some, we show up and there's like fifty harleys parked outside, everybodys like wasted

al: two years later when he was 14 we had a party at the ah bowling alley on ventura and he stumbled

out of the car with a playmate.

bud: it only took two years man, two years and i was warped.

peg: well that was like christina with her wardrobe, remember how they would make the cloths skimpier and tighter

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Post by samhk222 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:46 am

man, you rock !
i´m gonna sync with the 400, 200 and 300 mb available on internet and give all the credits to you :D

and belive rdo3, your english is way to better than mine ! Any progress at subtitle i will post here, thank you so much!

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Post by samhk222 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:54 am

and you gone way to far that i in the "special" .....

thanks again !

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Post by rdo3 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 12:39 pm

dont get too happy. thats only the first 20 minuets. and i dont need the credit (or blame for the poor job) i dont own it, it's not mine. all i did was try ti write what i heard. i tried to use vista voice recognition, but it types even worse than i do.

and like wise anymore transcripting i will post here, i think it's only half or less so far.

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Post by rdo3 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 1:45 pm

kelly: kelly to me was unlike any other character i had seen on telivision, um she was what was going on (at the time) the big hair, the tight lycra cloths, the rock video was very big and you know you alway had the band with the one rock slut and i just tried to incorperate all of that into this one
character that wasn't defined when we first started. i was inspired by this idea of her not being stupid but really just thinking outside the box, thinking in a different way than most people. and the writers thought thats it so it was a nice marrige between what i brought in and what they had on
the page and this person sort of evolved out of it. i remember michael moyes saying to me something about how he didn't think that kelly was actually a slut, it was just what bud was saying about her.

bud: he just said that to make you feel better.

kelly: ohh thats what was going on

kelly: i always felt bad for our actors comeing on because i knew at some point that poor guy's going to get hurt. and they would.

bud: thats a good segueway into my character bud bundy

peg: ... smart one in the family

al: no he wasn't

kelly: he was the saneist

peg: he was the sanist kind of

bud: he was the sanest of the bundys kind of looking around like... basically every thing i would do in my outside life ended up in a script, whether it was my battle with zits or just growing up like you know like puberty, being a teenager, everything was made fun of

jefferson: like when david was grand master b. we knew that david was getting into hip hop and that he was going to be this white rapper. you know bud was pretty sucessful because he had the greatest looking girls

kelly: the brother sister dynamic is the strongest bond in the world. but they will kick eachothers asses. it's like you know it's like thats just what brothers and sisters do

al: when i read the pilot it just reminded me of my uncle joe, just a self defricating kind of guy he would come home from work maybe and the wife would say you know i ran over the dog this morning in the drive way. he would say fine, whats for dinner. you know like resigned that it's a fate that he's suffering and thats how i that was my take on it.

jefferson: when al was in highschool he was the man, he was the king, there was nobody bigger than al bundy in highschool.

al: the writers, the guys knew that i had played football. i had played for two different colleges and i was a rooky with the steelers in 1969 and so when they knew that they thought it was more tragic that his glory was two years then it ended...shoe store, marriage, children, the end. well that was a temporary part time job while he was in transitation from highschool to colleg football then he knocked peg up ant that became his career

marcy: i think als facination, his love for the toilet, his time spent there that was you know his inner sanctom

peg: i mean that was one of the clasic episodes when he put his new toilet in

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Post by rdo3 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 2:13 pm

i'm falling asleep. it's 6 am here. i'll try to get the rest of the interview done when i wake up. i'm off tomorrow (today actually since it's morning. as you can see it take me over an hour to type ten minuets of the show skipping the episode clips which are probably half the time. i'll try to edit in the clips later and update the posts but i'm not sure when. i'm also not sure where to inset them since often the interviews are voiced over pat of the clips. the editor does have enough options with font, color, size, bold, italic etc... that i should be able to insert them in the aproximate positions while keeping them distincly seperate.

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Post by ARMAN » Thu Jan 03, 2008 4:37 pm

wow rdo3 8O

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Post by Tido » Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:20 pm

great job rdo

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Post by samhk222 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:29 pm

Tido wrote:great job rdo
indeed, rdo3 for president :D

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Post by rdo3 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 9:37 pm

jefferson: a very broad style of comedy. it think ed oneil, i mean he truly was so funny without saying anything.

al: i did my share of physical comedy on that show. the christmas show for example, the christmas lights were out, they had been there all year round. i said "all year long they're on and the one day you need them" you know, and so he takes the screw driver and sticks it in and as soon as he sticks it in the physical part was to elevate and look suprise look at the camera and drop boom strait down. there is anotherone where the roof was leaking and i had a pan on my head in bed and the water was dripping into the pan and then peg said shut the light out and i reached over to turn the light out and ofcorse i'm electricuted. i was such a ham.

steve: like the two of us sitting on the couch and the world acording to al and steve's sitting there trying desperatly desperatly to try to make sense of this this repressed guy you know this neandertal hidden down deep inside

al:he was much brighter but you know al would never just put that on him like dont you know, you know jefferson: now do you ever find yourself doing this at home you know, when you're watching tv

bud: i go all the way

al: that was funny

bud: i've been out with you so many times every time people have to put their hands down their pants to say hi to you

al:every time

peg: could you say al

jefferson: where's marcy

bud:i get where's kelly

kelly:i always get show your tits

marcy: has nothing to do with the show. marcy was it think a real polar opposite of al, so often times it was that conflict that added a little spice to the show the bonus thing that kept the chicken thig going when i had my hands on my hips i think it was you who said just move your head a little bit more

kelly:it's gee let me see al bundy was like a hero to so many people

jefferson: and when al bundy walked thru that front door they went nuts

peg: every week i can remember having belly laughs and i remember thinking to myself what other job in the world do i get to go to that i get to histarically laugh

al:thats right

bud:lets talk about the christmas show for a second

peg:kellys first

kelly:lakeside mall, santa clause is comming to the lake side mall

bud:lakeside mall. santa claus is suposed to parachute into the lakeside mall and we're watching it on telivision. you can see all of us sitting on the couch just laughing

steve: and all of us sitting on the couch and we know that this is happening and then watching your lips

al: i was i was going on that, i couldn't stand it well i thought it as hillariouse when we went to the cabin and all three of you had your period at the same time.

jefferson: oh yeah

peg: i thought we would never get passed

al:the way that that exibited its self

peg:our show really apealed to a male audience i mean men dont classicly watch sitcoms and men loved married with children

al:the nudie bar ofcorse, um

jefferson:we were all like spending every week with the nudie bar

peg or kelly : yes come on

marcy: i dont know

jefferson: when we put up the satalite dish on top of the roof guys kept rolling and falling right and left

al: that was one of the things we talked about, the cartoon, the road runner, you know they took a long strip then it would tip over backward but to see it properly ... but it was funny

jefferson:we all had these dummys made up, and i kill myself now for not getting the dummy at the time you know at the end of the show um because that would have been great just for car pooling

al: the privilage of getting to work with good material, funny stuff, and then when you make it work and it is funny it's the greatest feeling and to be able to do it over and over and over it's just the best thing

bud:alot of shows there was always a lesson to learn at the end, but i think with married with children you just sat down for half an housr and you didn't have to learn anything you just laughed

peg:just laughed

al: and we certianly didn't want to change anything we you know we

peg: we had a good gig

al: we had a ball

marcy:it's a huge part of our lives. some moments were very challenging and difficult and other moments were just the best best fun of anything but its a big chunk of time

al: and it's overwhelming

marcy: and i doubt we'll be doing anything in terms of carreers with that amount of time

peg: eleven years with great people

kelly:and the people, you're not going to get this again

bud:married with children was on the air for eleven years and things changed on telivision. it wasn't long before there was alot more room for our kind of comedy kind of like you feel free to make jokes about all the real stuff that people go thru, like eating tang wipes and dog food for breakfast and the bundys led the way. we didn't really think about any of that stuff we were just having a great time, i hope you have a great time too. from me and the rest of the bundys good night.

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