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by Sizzler
Sun Aug 06, 2006 12:39 pm
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Topic: Some old article about Applegate
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estonian looks like messed up swedish. :lol:
by Sizzler
Sun Aug 06, 2006 12:37 pm
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Topic: David Garrison or Ted Mcginley
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Steve is a imo a good actor and except from his weird looking eyes i think he's funny, but yet i admit that i like Jefferson better in that show, also him and marcy physically makes a better looking couple. ;)
by Sizzler
Sun Aug 06, 2006 11:15 am
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Topic: Married...With Children Music
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And what about the "Deck the halls" they play in Marcys bank in "Its a bundyful life" part 1? Who made that version? :)
by Sizzler
Sun Aug 06, 2006 10:39 am
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Topic: Deck the halls
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Deck the halls

In "Its a bundyful life part 1" near the last 3rd part in Marcy's bank they're listening to "Deck the halls" on a ghettoblaster, who made that version and where can i get it? I got hold of a version by Mannheim Steamroller, it sounds like the one in the Bundy show, but it aint that exact same one.. :(